About the Author (me):

I am a student and a teacher of English language arts. Though I grew up watching WordGirl on PBS every day after school, it was not until I took a Shakespeare course at Emory University's Oxford College that I awoke to the full potential words possess. As a high school English teacher, I aim to empower students with the tools to express their thoughts honestly and tenaciously and with the fulfillment that comes of a storyful life.

This site is dedicated to storytelling, people, sports, and how they all connect.

This project began in the spring of my junior year at Emory University, thanks to the support of Professor David Morgen. My time at Emory fostered my love for storytelling. In particular, I found a resonance between sports and the stories they sow. This came about from: my own playing experience; researching sports fans' expressions of schadenfreude for Dr. Erin Tarver's 2017 book, The I in Team: Sports Fandom and the Reproduction of Identity; writing more than 50 articles and editing countless others for the Emory and Oxford College newspapers; debating to no avail with co-host Deepu Edathara on our Emory WMRE sports radio show, The RoundTable; analyzing the sports industry in Emory's sports marketing and finance courses.

All else aside, some of my greatest sports accomplishments remain my foretelling of Butler’s 2010 Final Four run and my leadership of PAL Group One Eight (gold is our fate) to a 2015 Oxford Olympics title. When I'm not out doing the other things that I do, I enjoy a good Calvin and Hobbes comic and watching movies friends (especially those with Joseph Gordon Levitt).