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  • Walled In: The Life of Henry David of the Row

    Walled In: The Life of Henry David of the Row

    Henry David of The Row was having an existential crisis. The budding freshman had taken a strong interest in environmental studies and philosophy, but found his life overwhelmingly consumed by fraternity life on frat row. Henry had rushed the fall semester, and though he was at first suspicious of Tau Alpha Chi’s (ΤΑΧ) hierarchical structure,…

  • There’s One Type of People

    There’s One Type of People

    “There are two types of people in this world.” There are those that put their pants on one leg at a time. Day in and day out (or whenever pants are required) those within this select class repeat a complex dressing process, taking care to put on one leg at a time, but never both…

  • Lewis and Carroll

    Lewis and Carroll

    Charles Carroll was a many-sided boy. Full of stories, he was what his teachers called “a dreamer.” Of days, that is, but of many other things, also. He stood out. His hunger for knowledge was tangible and often prompted inquisitive adults to ask for his favorite subject. This was one of the rare questions that…